Conversations with Vietnam Heroes, mack payne

At Last a Book That Tells the Real Story
About Vietnam Veterans

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For many years Vietnam Veterans have been short changed on the respect and gratitude they deserve from the country they served in an unpopular war.

Not only were they not thanked or respected for their service but they were wrongly characterized as a group that was deeply troubled and harmed psychologically by that service and unable to readjust to life in America upon their return.

That characterization could not be further from the truth could be .

The vast majority of Vietnam Veterans came home and continued serving their country with their individual God given talents that helped keep America great.

The Vietnam Veteran Generation is a great as any in this nation.

In the book Conversations with Vietnam Heroes the reader will discover the greatness of that generation.

Mack Payne interviewed nine Vietnam Veterans and their stories tell the story of that great generation.

The conversations are presented in an easy to read format that makes the reader feel as if they are chatting with a friend out in the yard on a warm summer day sitting under the shade of a big oak tree.

“They came home without a victory,

not because they had been defeated,

but because they had been denied permission to win.”

President Ronald Reagan

Quotes from the Heroes

“I was so horribly burnt she had no clue I was her husband. She looked me in my good eye and said, I want you to know, I really love you. Welcome home, baby.”

Dave Roever – Chapter One

“I didn’t have to accept the draft because I had a good enough average, but I felt I had a patriotic mind and I said to myself I would go to Vietnam, and hopefully it would be an ending of all wars and my children wouldn’t have to go to war.”

John Bullock – Chapter Five

“When we come into California, my God, they treated us like crap. Spitting on us and yes every doggone thing else. I thought, my God, send me back to Vietnam. I thought the world was coming unglued here in this country. I couldn’t believe all that crap that was going on.”

Wilbur Little – Chapter Nine

Author Info:

Mack Payne is a veteran of two years in Vietnam. In his previous book about that war, Vietnam Veteran Memoirs, he described his experiences and the lessons he learned from those trying times. In this book he presents nine riveting conversations he had with other Vietnam Veterans.

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 What readers say about
Conversations with Vietnam Heroes:

“Expecting to hear the horrific experiences, I didn’t expect to find those who lived them, so well adjusted. Not only that, but how they have helped so many others accept and adjust. How many have bonded when they met off the battlefield, even when they met their enemy. I highly recommend this book!”

Hilda Peterson

“This book is written by a real Vietnam Veteran experienced in his two tours of duty. He is a true American hero. His interviews are excellent and all the stories are true. Mack is a widely known Speaker, Author and Podcaster. I highly recommend this inspirational book and his Podcast:’Vietnam Veteran News’. Every Vietnam Veteran should subscribe to his Podcast which is full of useful information, contacts, websites and VA news. My neighbor is a Vietnam Veteran suffering from Alzheimer’s disease spawned by Agent Orange. Vietnam Veteran News brings news about Agent Orange and its dire affects on ‘boots-on-the-ground’ Vets as well as ‘off-shore’ Blue Water navy Vets. I can’t say enough about this. It ought to be required reading!”

Elbert E. Hardy

“This book is both inspiring, exciting and informative. It is unique in the sense that the stories are actual real life accounts of the brave men/women who fought in the Vietnam War. These people are true American Hero’s. Mack Payne has captured the essence of the American Soldier and the book delivers the message that all American’s should embrace. God Bless the American Soldier, especially the Vietnam Vet. Thank you Mr. Payne for taking time to write this book.”

John Golden

“This was not the story I had expected to see at all …… I expected more bitterness.I expected to read about the soldier that put every thing on the line in combat and came back broken in spirit because of what he endured.I was pleasantly surprised by this message of courage, of hope ,of the overcoming of the human spirit after what was a horrific and in some of the soldiers cases tragic experience.Bravo Mack,for an insightful look into their lives.”

Howard Goforth

“With the intriguing subject matter and the author’s enjoyable writing style, _Conversations With Vietnam Heroes_ is a book I would highly recommend to anyone interested in history, combat or inspirational and fun reading material. The stories of the veterans shared in the book highlight the trials, tribulations and triumphs of real American heroes. Unless you have relatives or friends with stories like these, I can’t imagine there is any better way to learn about what those people went through. I’m glad to see at least these few recorded for posterity. This book is more than worth reading and sharing!”

Charley’s Friend

“For myself, a Veteran of two Infantry-related tours in Vietnam, I was deeply impressed with not only the candor, realism and patriotism of each Veteran; but also, of what they achieved with their lives after Vietnam.  These heroes, along with the author, are men to be studied and admired.  I am very proud of my service in Vietnam, and I would have been honored to have served with Mack and each of the nine heroes that he interviews.  This book should serve as a Field Manual for returning Veterans.”

Jay M. Garner, Lt.Gen (Ret), US Army

“Your first book was GOOD but this book is “GREAT” and ” AWESOME”. Reading these stories make my tour (as you know we were advisors and support) a cake walk. After reading this book I can hardly wait for volume 2. I definitely want to add both of them to my library. EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD READ YOUR BOOKS and then maybe the younger generation will  get off their butts and take this country back to where it should be.”

John Wechsler, Vietnam Vet

“Mack Payne is a conversationalist. That means he listens. That’s a rare quality nowadays when yakking and yelling are the norm. But Mack does more than listen. He’s genuinely interested in others, particularly veterans. He facilitates conversations. That’s a fancy word meaning he keeps the ball bouncing. More importantly, Mack respects people; he figures if you served in Vietnam—whether you were a truck driver or a sniper—you did something worthwhile. Nowhere is that more apparent than in “Conversations With Vietnam War Heroes.'”

Jim Lamb, Vietnam Vet and author

“I have just finished reading Conversations with Vietnam Heroes. Not only were these men not allowed to win a political war, they were never allowed to be heroes. Mack W Payne is changing that. I cried on every story, and I cheered when Melvin Page beat the hell out of those hippies! I saw what happened to these men, and it should not have happened. Some of us have nothing but a name on a wall in a city too far away…but Mack gives us insight to what happened. Like it or not, these are true stories, and there is no way to clean them up.”

Wanda Schofield

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The Lineup of conversations

Chapter One

Dave Roever

Conversation with Dave Roever,

River Patrol Boats
Special Warfare Command, US Navy
IV Corps, Vietnam

Chapter Two

Melvin Page

Conversation with Melvin Page,

C Company, 1st Bn, 27th Inf (The Wolfhounds),
25th Infantry Division (Tropic Lightning)
The Iron Triangle of Vietnam

Chapter Three

John Hosier

Conversation with John Hosier

Infantryman and Combat Photographer
173rd Airborne Brigade
Battle of Dak To

Chapter Four

Steve Suttles

Conversation with Steve Suttles

5th Marines, 1st Marine Division
I Corps, Vietnam

Chapter Five

John Bullock

Conversation with John Bullock

US Army Medical Specialist
29th Evacuation Hospital
Can Tho, IV Corps, Vietnam

Chapter Six

Mike Mullins

Conversation with Mike Mullins

D Company, 3rd Bn, 7th Inf, 199th Light Infantry Brigade
II Corps, Vietnam

Chapter Seven

Jessie Lee

Conversation with Jessie Lee

B Battery, 2/11 Field Artillery
101st Airborne Division, I Corps, Vietnam

Chapter Eight

Mel Jackson

Conversation with Mel Jackson

US Air Force Weapons Specialist
B-52 Bomb Loader & C-130 Gunship Technician
Guam and Thailand

Chapter Nine

Conversation with Wilbur Little

Company A, 2nd Bn, 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Division
I Corps, Vietnam
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